Hire Top Legal Talent

At A&A our legal recruiting team’s goal is to help hiring managers in the legal services industry—just like you—save the time and energy it takes to recruit top talent. We create your job description for you, post your opening on all the main job boards (including our own), and best of all, you don’t pay until you make a hire.

A Legal Staffing Agency Tapped Into The Industry’s Top Talent

When you partner with us, you don’t just get connected to the same job seekers as your competitors. You get connected with the leading candidates in your area (even those who aren’t currently looking) because our legal recruiters are well-versed in the local job markets and have relationships with leaders in the legal sector.


Need a legal recruiter to find a top-tier attorney or legal support professional on a short-term contract? We’ll help you find the perfect fit.


We help you find a legal professional who’s got the work ethic & culture fit for a long-term to permanent position.


From paralegal to Senior Partner or General Counsel, our legal recruiters help you find the skillset you’re looking for on your team.

A Legal Staffing Agency Trusted By More Than A Third Of The Am Law 100

The benefits of working with a premiere legal recruiter like Insight Global are endless. But here are a few that really stand out to the hiring managers we work with: 

  • Scale: Access to a comprehensive network of pre-screened and qualified candidates
  • Partnership: You pay nothing until your new hire starts
  • Efficiency: Hire talent in as little as two days