Invoice Processing

Our invoice processors are dedicated to making your firm more efficient by establishing and implementing invoicing methods, monitoring databases, handling customer requests, and investigating slow approval processes.









Why Is Invoice Management Essential For Modern Enterprise?

Invoice processing involves scanning the physical invoice, analyzing the invoice data according to business standards, and entering the data into any ERP system. However, this process can become chaotic for finance departments as invoices arrive in various formats, such as paper invoices, PDFs, scanned PDFs, emails, and more. Manual data entry can lead to errors, misplaced documents, and discrepancies.

To streamline invoice processing and make payment processing easier, automated invoice processing has become popular. With automation, data can be extracted from invoices as they enter the system and transferred directly to the ERP, simplifying the payment process. Working with the right vendor, you can automate a wide range of procedures.

By adopting automated invoice processing, you can significantly reduce the time your in-house team spends on invoice processing. This automation helps save on labor costs and reduces the need for printing invoices. Moreover, it improves accuracy, accessibility, and employee productivity.

Invoice Processing Services


Obtaining Scanned Invoices From The Client

Submit your scanned invoices or have them emailed directly from your vendors, and our team will extract the necessary information for you. We’ll provide you with the details of your invoice in the format that best suits your preferences.

Invoices and Purchase Order Matching

To safeguard against fraud and unauthorized transactions, we conduct a thorough comparison of the invoice with the purchase order to ensure that the payment amount accurately corresponds to the details stated on the invoice.

Extracting Data from Header or Line Items

We ensure accurate entry of all data, including the total amount, line items, vendor ID, and date, to minimize errors and discrepancies.

Generating Extensive Reports

Access comprehensive reports detailing the processing of all invoices, along with real-time updates on invoice status and reconciliation summary statements on a regular basis.

Indexing of Documents

Every invoice is efficiently indexed upon posting, granting your team the ability to perform swift searches for crucial information or access digital documents whenever needed. This ensures real-time access to all your accounts payable processes.

Auditing and Reconciliation of Scanned Invoices

In addition to processing the invoices, we conduct reconciliation with the vendor account balances to ensure accuracy.

Invoice processors utilize cutting-edge invoice scanning technology and the latest invoice processing software to achieve exceptional accuracy in a quick turnaround time.


Receive Invoices

You can send us your invoices by scanning and attaching them to an email or uploading them to our secure FTP server.

Process Invoices

Upon receiving your invoices, we meticulously verify the data before proceeding with the invoice processing procedure.

Send File

After completing the invoice processing, we will securely import the processed data into your accounts payable system using our FTP server in the format you prefer.