Use An Accredited Healthcare Staffing Agency

At A&A, our healthcare staffing team is dedicated to helping hiring managers connect with top talent and save you time in the recruiting process. We are a Joint Commission-accredited healthcare staffing agency, and we help find talent that supports patient care in every way. We fill roles in the doctor’s office and patient’s room, plus behind the scenes on administrative teams and information technology (IT) departments. 

When you use A&A to find healthcare professionals, we’ll create the job description for you, tap our extensive list of thousands of qualified professionals, and vet the best candidates for the job. Plus, you don’t pay until you make a hire.

We Staff All Parts Of The Healthcare Industry

What Type Of Healthcare Staffing Do You Need?


We staff healthcare professionals and supporting workers on short-term contracts. We’ll help you find the perfect candidate fit for your hiring needs.


We’ll help you find professionals who have the work ethic & culture fit for long-term to ongoing positions in healthcare. 


Need healthcare staffing for permanent positions? From entry level to administrative, we’ll find you the difference-making skillsets for your team.

A Healthcare Staffing Agency Trusted By More Than 50,000 Consultants 

What are the benefits of working with an accredited healthcare staffing agency like Insight Global? Here are a few ways we stand out:

  • You’ll have access to our vast network of thousands of pre-screened, qualified candidates
  • We’re a stable & reliable partner as one of the largest staffing companies in the U.S. and Canada
  • We can help you hire healthcare talent in as few as two days
  • You pay nothing until your new hire starts